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Significance of the Seal 


Intelligent Philanthropy recognizes Commitment to Transparency when charities communicate more about governance, finances, strategy, and impact than the IRS requires. Each recognized charity has submitted 175 data points about operations and performance to give donors a comprehensive look.

Transparency seal recipients voluntarily engage in an open and accountable relationship with donors. Debt levels, 3-year trends in number of people served, program results, strategic plans, and even an internal S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) are all shared. The 2-page Analytical Overviews reveal the challenges and successes an organization has experienced in its programs, operations, finances, and results. In a world where too many dishonest nonprofits have made headlines, the Intelligent Philanthropy recognition for organizational transparency distinguishes a new breed of nonprofits committed to a higher standard.

Intelligent Philanthropy commends  every organization investing the time of multiple staff members to complete an Analytical Overview. It is no simple task to be transparent. It has required CEOs, CFOs, program directors, and development officers to work together to provide an accurate and complete organizational portrait. To see how one nonprofit organization is proudly presenting its seal click here.